RO water necessary for curing LR?


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I have a 100G Rubbermaid tub I was going to cure new live rock in and feel like it is a waste to make up so much RODI water for just curing live rock.

Instead I was going to fill it from the faucet and use a dechlorinator to, well, dechlorinate it :) and then mix in the salt from there. Also while I am being cheap (or conservative with resources as I like to say), do I need/should I cure it at the same 'full' salinity as my tank?

Any advice against this? I figure other than some potential for phosphate/something in there to feed algae I should be okay, right?


Douglas LEHMAN

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Do you have an aquarium already up and running, use the used water from any water changes. How much water movement is in the curing vat? Do you have a skimmer running/how large? I'd recomend RO water mixed to atleast 33 ppt, and jack the alk to 12dkh with some baking soda. the rock will be purple in no time, and add a little actinic light if you can.


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That's a great idea Doug, I will use the water from water changes.

I was planning on putting in two maxijet 1200's (I have sitting around) for water movement.

I don't have a skimmer for the LR but was thinking of putting a post to see if anyone maybe had an ugly one that worked that I could get for cheap and/or one I could borrow, we'll see how crazy an idea that is.

Question on actinic lights, will the URI actinic florescents (plain florescents, no VHO, etc.) 'light' in a shop light fixture? If so I have extra fixtures removed during a basement remodel and I could just hang the one or two fixtures over the tub and buy some actinic florescents that fit.

Thanks again, Tony