Rock boring clams on substrate?

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I know both T. maxima and T. crocea are rock boring clams, but is it possible to have a thriving T. maxima or T. crocea on the sandbed, without having the byssal gland being attached to anything? Meaning that the clam would be directly placed in the sandbed, without being attached a object, such as a shell, small rock, etc. If this is not possible, why not?


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it is possible. in fact most people keep them on the sandbed.

personally i would like to try placing some clams up in the rockwork, i think it would give a very natural cool look, but....
i dont know what i'd do when it gets large, i mean you cant frag it like you would an sps.

so for now, my clams will be on the sandbed, for the above mentioned reason, or perhaps i will try placing one on a low profile rock, just so i can watch it bore into the rock over the years.:p
I have also heard of people puting their max's on a flat rock on teh sandbed and then slightly burying the rock, this is what I plan on during with my new little max:)
In nature, T. Crocea and T. Maxima are attached to a hard sustrate. I know many people do place them on the sand, but this is not natural for the clam. Both of my Maximas are on two different rocks. Plus you can place it nearer the light. Furthermore, placing a clam on a rock protects the byssal opening from parasites. They do take forever to grow, and you can enjoy it for many years on a rock before it outgrows your tank.
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You've all made some excellent points! This T. crocea that I have (which is the one in question that I'm wanting to move on the sandbed) is now almost 5" in length, and taking up some valuble space. I plan on removing it from the rockwork over the next few weeks and placing it on the sandbed. I have never had any pyramid snails or any other clam parasites in my tank, so I think I will try placing it on the sandbed and seeing what happens.

Where in LA are you? :)




Maybe we can get together and exchange info on the hobby. You are not to far from me. I am interested on different techniques and such. E-mail me at my RC address if you want. I have recently heard about the dangers of keeping clams on the sand, thats why I have posted a reply at this forum. Parasite infestation is more likely to occur. It is hard to tell what really lurks in our sandbeds.

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You could get a flat rock and place it under the sand below the clam. It will dig down until it finds the rock and lay down threads.
I gave you a PM. I forgot to include my email address, which is (the "Leathercoral" part was made almost 2 years ago when I was keeping soft corals :D )

I ended up placing a shell underneth the clam. I will then burry the shell underneth the sand as it attaches :)