RODI water container


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I have two Rubbermaid Brute 32 gallon containers I got from Lowes. I have been fighting brown algae outbreaks the next day after weekly 25% water change. I replaced all my rodi filters and resin. Coming out of RODI unit the water test is 000. After circulating and heating water for just a few hours I get a reading of 065-075. I thought my containers were food safe and work great with the caster base to roll from laundry room to tank.Are the Brute containers that Lowes has food grade?


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Any precipitation on the sides of your containers? Maybe a small amount may be redissolving in a lower pH fresh water environment, showing some TDS. I used Brute 32 gal. containers for many years without a problem.


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I use lidded brute containers and have for a decade plus without any issues. I do wipe them down with vinegar and rinse them before use to remove any residue from the manufacturing or shipping processes. 0tds water wil pick stuff up from the air etc but 75 tds is much more than you should expect.


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I've always used the grey brutes with no problems for years. As others have stated, clean them with vinegar, rinse out completely and let dry. Keep them covered when in use and when not.