It's Dr. Goodluck Himself
I have a decent sized red table acro that looks great all-around.

Except for right in the middle, where the crab resides. There, several branches are turning brownish/gold. Rotting away. And it is slowly spreading.

I see no bugs, no other acros are similarly affected. One or two bleaching but those are different issues, likely related to a bulb switch a while back that they didn't like. This table never had a problem. And it seems just weird somehow.

I recall a guy a few years ago who described a "cancer" that ended leaving him with a few tips as frags.

I can't get a picture of this spot so this description has to suffice.

Tested water levels, sg 1.026, dkh 9.4, Ca 455, Mg 1350. Nitrates trace.



It's Dr. Goodluck Himself
Perhaps these pics can help. Top two show a "new" crab discovered tonight on a tricolor nana with no signs of distress. It's a bit of a hairy crab.

The bottom two show the table acro crab, hiding after I tried to catch him. White with black spots on legs and across his face.

Bottom pis shows area of distress on table acro, all in area where that crab mostly resides.