rtn oh ***


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So, I'll try and get a water sample tomorrow to test everything but it seems the new birdsnest I got the other day from the lfs is going through RTN

so I have posted the specs before on the tank but here goes again its 24"tall 24" wide and 12" d lighting was a 250w MH Hamilton 14,000k DE bulb driven by a icecap 250w ballast. skimmer is a css125 with a 10g tall sump with cheato and a 96w strip light. using a Seio 620 and a Koriala 3 along with a mag 5 for return from the sump.

The only thing in the tank that seems to be doing fine in the tank are the zoo's which are at the very bottom of the tank. I came home today to the rtn, and before it was bleaching. I think I'm going to take back both frags I recieved to see if there is any way to help them survive. and then get my water tested to see how they are doing.