Sacrificial Damsel ??

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I'm probably going to get slammed for this but here goes.

One of my original fish is a Blue Fiji Devil Damsel. Besides the 2 perculas he's the only damsel and in the past only became a problem with an Purple Dottyback that I tried to introduce. (That lasted about 1 day before I could get the beaten Dottyback out and give it to a friend where it recovered and is still doing nicely with a tank of Cardinalfish.

I just introduced a Decorative Firefish that is now being chased down by the Blue Devil. My thought is what if I get a another damsel to take the heat off the Firefish ?

I know it's mean but I'd rather lose an inexpensive and common damsel than the Decorative Firefish ! I didn't think this would be a problem since the Firefish and Fiji Devil are different colors, sizes, body shapes etc. There's nothing similar except they are fish in the same tank.

Any thoughts on best solution.


I would just remove the damsel and take it back to the store or give it to someone else. Damsels don't seem to care wether they pick on other damsels or completely different fish. I had a 3 stripe that killed 3 firefish among several others. It even helped a foxface kill a huge blond naso. They are just simply very mean, territorial fish. I dought your firefish will survive even if you add another damsel.



The two damsels will attempt to set up territories. What will happen is that any other fish will be in one territory or the other.
Bottom line, they will tag team any other fish, then try to kill each other.
Probable end result: one damsel.

Good Luck;


frequently a problem with firefish, usually aggresive only with conspecifics, will become shy and retiring if bullied by others, best kept with non aggressive fishes

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Fox and Doug,

Thanks for the input. I put the 2nd Blue damselin and the two damsels are now a war and leaving the firefish alone --for the moment. However, the firefish was beaten on to longat the beginning and only comes out from under his rock once in a while.

We'll see.

Happy Holidays.
I find it helps after I have sacrificed a damsel to the porcelin god ;) hehe just kidding.

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