Sand Sifting Goby

vito is hooked

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Well I dont know, just got rid of my sand sifting stars(heard they eat good stuf too) so looking for something to do some cleaning I tend to over feed

Michael R

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Sand-sifting Gobies will also eat the good stuff in your sand bed.

Nassarius Snails and Tongan Conchs are best to keep the sand clean without the consumption of the beneficial micro-organisms.


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Mine keeps the sand nice and clean.



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Sand sifting gobies like those shown and the Brown-Barred goby really just skim the surface sand, keeping it somewhat clean of algae, left-overs, and diatoms. They do not dive deep enough into the sand bed to deplete live sand.


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I've got a new red diamond just like reef_doug's. He has done an exquisite job at cleaning the sand, however, now my water is CRAZILY CLOUDY!!!!!! How do I get this down? Will it just kind of filter out in time with the sifting, mechanical filtration, and H2O changes?