Saturday, 9/16 Meeting...


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Address for Paul & Karen's:
N9402 Stone School Rd.
Mukwonago, WI

You can get a great map on Mapquest. We are located on the east side
of Stone School Rd. If you are coming from Hwy. ES in Mukwonago, you
want to turn onto Honeywell Rd. Honeywell & Stone School Rd. are
actually the same road. We share our driveway with our neighbor. Our
neighbor has an apple orchard in front of his home. We are located way
back in the woods. If you have trouble finding us, our phone number
is: 262-363-1736.

As a reminder, Steve from Sea Schor in Buffalo Grove, IL will be attending
our meeting.

Paul & Karen


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You guys are in my neck of the woods now, ( I'm in East Troy).
I have been interested in joining and learning from everyone, with this meeting practicaly in my front yard, I wouldn't stop kicking myself if I missed it.

Do you have a kickoff time?


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Doh! - I thought Sunday was the 16th :eek1: - guess I'll set an alarm for the next :(