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Hey guys my name is Jeff I'm new here . I switched over from fresh water to saltwater about 8 months ago and I've been highly addicted started with a innovative Marine 15 gallon cube. And it wasn't enough so then I went with a 50 gallon. It's been running now for about 3 months and my corals finally taking hey liking to the water but I came across the deal at work with a friend who had a 180 gallon aquan tank with dual overflow and some plumbing still. I'm going to be buying buying some wood and building a stand through some of the plans I found on the form.

I've been reading a lot on here between everybody and a lot of you guys are very knowledgeable and it's great.. I figured I'd make my first post..

I do have one question if anybody could take a look at these photos the sump was given to me with the tank it says eshops but I have an idea it's a really old one. It's a dry pump sump setup the way he had it. It measures 36 in by 16 and a half by 16 1/2. It looks like there's three big Chambers with a filter chamber in it I don't know if that makes it for Chambers . Any input on it would help it has a box to go on the top to attach square filter socks it looks like would I be willing or able to fit the circular ones. And would this be big enough for 180 gallon tank I tried calculating the gallons and I'm getting an average estimate around 30 to 40 gallons depending on how much water fills to the top. Thanks for reading guys


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Welcome! It probably goes without saying, but make double sure that DIY stand is level. You canā€™t afford a mistake with that kind of weight/water volume. Shim the stand if necessary, never the tankā€¦canā€™t wait to see it!
Thank you guys so much. Yes when I start to get to it this week I'm going to make a post. It's been my dream to have a 180 . I'm so excited. I need a bigger skimmer and etc now. I just ordered a pump . But was told I should get a different sump with a dc pump. Wet too. What do you guys think ?
The present sump comes out to 42+ gallons.
Sumps generally run @ 50% to allow for drainage on a shut down but can be run higher depending on what actually drains back.
Personally, I would try for a bigger sump. Many just use a standard aquarium, whatever fits & the bigger the better.
You will have to reference the stand to see what will fit.