Save the Manatee


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This is an excerpt from the Humane Society (HSUS) fall newsletter:

Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Comm. (FWC) has voted to downlist the manatee, despite acknowledging that its population could be reduced in the next45 years by as much as 50 percent overall, and as much as 80 percent in s.w. Fla. While the manatee meets Federal and World Conservation Union definitions of "endangered" in Fla. it no longer qualifies for endangered status. Due to pressure from boating, marine and development interests, the FWC earlier changed its state listing/delisting rules so that they do not align with federal or international criteria. The FWC is playing with semantics to make it appear that the manatee is doing better than it really is.

Now opponents will tout the downlisting as proof that the state needs less protection for the manatees, which means they will push for less regulation of speed zones, development, and the building of marinas and docks. Under the new criteria, in order to be considered endangered the manatee would have to undergo, or be at risk of undergoing, an 80 percent decline in population, a situation that would surely doom the species, currently about 3,000. The HSUS has joined Save the Manatee Club, as well as 16 other groups, in petitioning the FWC to revisit its imperiled species classification system.

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I would like to talk about this in more depth.
Could our club join theirs? Could we have an event were part of our proceeds were donated to them to help their efforts (like a large frag swap)? Could we have links to their site from ours?

2 things that I would like to see our club do is promote and actively work toward protecting the Manatee and Protecting and restoring Native Florida Reefs.

It would be nice to sponsor 2 other groups and then participate in their activities, do some fund raising, something that we as a club can do to help give back to the environment that we cherish. It would be very nice to get involved in some charity work, i think.