Scissortail dartfish not eating


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Im new to this forum so excuse any dumb comments or questions i may have. I have a 100 gal reef tank thats been up for 6 or 7 months. I have a tiger jawfish, 2 ocellaris clownfish, a pygmy angelfish, 4(used to be 5) blue green chromis, a blue tang, 2 kauderns cardinals, a flame hawkfish, a pinkbar goby, 2 scissortail dartfish and a banded coral shrimp. Plus some SPS and LPS, and 2 anemones. A week or 2 ago one of the chromis looked like he got attacked by somthing and he lost his eye and then later died. Now i have another chromis that has a mark on his side and isnt eating, and a Scissortail dartfish that isnt eating and is now REALLY skinny. Ive seen him try to eat a few times and he just spits it out. He is swimming around acting fine besides the fact that his fins are closed. Does anyone have an idea of what is happening inside my tank? Parameters are great.