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Well Illinois tapped 90 degrees today and my tank needs a lid but I don't wanna cook fish so who's got a plan for a 24x24 screen cover that will work on a rimless tank? Thanks for your help!


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hummm, what about using like some vinyl trim, and then super gluing the screen that you can get from BRS to it...might not be a great idea, but thats the only one I can come up with at this moment..I am sure there will be others


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Might not e and option but when I had a rimless tank I made a frame out of acrylic and glued a BRS clear screen to it. It sort of kept the rimless look.


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Brs screen and these clips off ebay


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You could get some of the clear 1/4" screen material from bulkreefsupply, then buy the window screen frame from a lowes or home depot.
I found the clear acrylic clips to support a screen like this on a rimless tank, on ebay


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if you have access to a table saw and/or router, you could actually make frame out of acrylic instead of the aluminum frame you get at home depot and put the 1/4" clear screen from BRS in it.