Seaclone Modifications

I am looking for the person who's link I clicked to find the mod's to the Seaclone Skimmer. I found it earlier but it was on the last page and was bumped off by the time i got home tonight to look at it. There was an O-ring mod (to the collection cup), an impeller mod (drilled) and a venturi mod (brass I believe). I did the O-ring mod but would like to speak to the person who discovered these mods for further guidance. Thanks!!!


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Don't waste your time. The SeaClone's are worthless. I would trade up to something different. It really will be worth the time and money. Just my opinion. I had a SeaClone and it really did not work very well. My Red Sea Prizm works much better.


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Kid, I don't know which link you are referring to, so sorry, can't help you there. But have you tried Seaclone's web site? I can't remember who makes them, but do remember seeing some mods on their website for the Seaclones (this was a few yrs ago). I do not know if it would be/include the mods you are speaking about or not.



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I posted the link up but I do not personally know the person who did the mods first......

I guess I can help you as much as I can from what I learned doing the mods.......


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I had a seaclown, I did get it to work fairly well, after which time it no longer looked like a seaclone. They are very hard to make work and even harder to keep working.
I had my Seaclone for 6 months and it worked well. I sold the tank and put it in storage than just set it back up when i got back into saltwater. I had a leak issue when I first set it back up but ordered a new J-tube and solved that now it's working great (skims the nasty stuff out very well) but I figured these mods looked simple enough that I would try them as there's no such thing as too good of a skimmer.


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I wouldn't exactly say the seaclone is worthless... with the proper mods, it works faily well. Even better than my urchin. Decreasing flow and the ceramic airstone with a powerful air pump really made mine skin well.


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My SC 150 has been working great ever since I got it, much better than the Red Sea Prism I tried first. I may just be lucky or have the right 'touch' when adjusting the thing, but this is also the second SC I purchased, my first go round I had no luck and returned the thing, but someone showed me how to set it up without mods to get it to work right. If you do mod yours, let me know what kind of improvments it makes.