SeaClone or Amiracle protein skimmers

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:D Greetings.
I am starting at the least expensive and working my way up the scale with skimmers. So far, a seaclone and an amiracle have been suggested, both under 100 beans. are these any good, should i just go for the turbofloater for 169 and are the differences that drastic? any feedback would be appreciated. thanks.
Mac--You may want to post some more info about your tank like size, etc, but neither the SeaClone or the Amiracle are exactly loved by reefers. The Turbofloater has a great reputation, but again, it depends on the size of your tank.

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Somebody here has the signature " It would have been cheaper to do it right the first time" as a person who painfully understands that statement I would advise you to determine where your going to end up with your tank and buy the skimmer that will work there. Don't "work your way up" and end up with a closet full of junk. If you're determined to go that route at least post on several boards classifieds ads,you'll probably get it for half price.
The Amiracle skimmer isn't worth its weight in dog droppings. I wasted my money on this completely non-functioning piece of worthless plastic - don't make the same mistake.

I have not used the TurboFloater, but have heard good things about it.
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my tank size is 55 gallon. with a ten gal sump below. i am sensing that i should just go with the t1000 turbofloater. what do you think.
I am in agreement that the best way is the right way in the first place. thanks.
Neither of these skimmers is worth putting in your system IMO. Bad reputations. You hear alot more on the bad side about both of these. I'm sure you will get a couple of posts saying they work great for a couple of people, but that is the minority.

Little lesson here, don't try to skimp on equipment, especially the skimmer.

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You're not going to save money in the long run, and these things are vital (my apologies to those who choose to go without skimmers) to your system.

Some of us have had some success with SeaClones, but I would not recommend buying one because most people replace them anyway.
If you want a really cheap high quality skimmer for that sump that you have, then get a Sipedon Malestrom 100 in sump skimmer. I think the skimmer and the pump together will cost under $135. You are really lucky you have a sump. I wish I had one.
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