Seam repair?

Long story short: My 7 month old Solana 34g. cube tank seam failed the other night. It happened right in front of me and was able to try and hold it together and had someone draining the water as it cascaded down the back. Today I'm starting a replacement 40 breeder and all my corals are crammed in my Fluval Edge 6 gallon.

I've been trying to figure why it happened and the only thing that stands out is the evening of the seam failing I'd been using the nutrient transport mode of my 2 MP10 pumps. They were around 50% of flow and had been on that phase for about 3 hours. I've never turned them above the 50% and thought the tank should be ok from what I've read.

I'd like to know if anyone can do a repair of the seam and would that be advisable at this point. Hate to just trash the tank, but after the shock of dealing with this mess I'm needing suggestions. So, if anyone can advise me of the cost of having it repaired or better to walk away or use it as a terrarium???


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Seam repair?

Was your mp export mode creating a wave. I have heard of the wave motion shorting the life. Due to increase stress. But not that short. I would first question the stand for being level/uneven support on the glass edges / corners. Next would think just bad seam or seam got abused somewhere. Yes it can be repaired. Google diy glass tank for lots of videos. Or would think a lfs or boulder could repair. There are some reef safe silicones which are better than others. If only 7mo Solana may offer some support if on a Solana recommended stand.

Sorry for your issue. Sounds like your on the right track.
Yes, seems there was a wave and maybe it was in the TSM mode. When the water hit the driver it shorted out and the GFCI shut off the power, thankfully as the floor was wet on my "bare" feet. As far as the stand, it seems pretty good and supported the the tank well. It was slightly longer and wider for the tank and the floor and stand were level.

I'm grateful that if this had to happen, at least I was there to rescue everything and not something that went without any intervention.

Today was trash day and actually had the tank at the curb, but took it back after thinking about it. Guess I'll call some of the LFS and see about the repair. I'd like to have someone who's done it before rather than doing it myself. Guessing that all the seams might need replacement if indeed there is any problems with the bottom or other sides. Hate to imagine one of them failing at a later time.
Just called Current USA and waiting to hear back. They warrant it for 1 year and mine was bought Feb. 2013, so it may not be covered. Told them it was set up and running for only 7 months. They're talking to the management and getting back to me.

They said typically the problem happens when people use the bladed algae scrapers and damage the seal. Mine is a magnet and no blade has been used. It was the back left corner and I've never really touched that area. I'll keep my fingers crossed and see what they do.


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To properly repair a seam, you have to completely dis-assemble the tank and re-silicone it. Probably not cost effective for a small tank. That said, the seam shouldn't fail after only 7 months. I'd call Solana and ask them to do a warranty replacement.
Still haven't heard back about the warranty and hoping they'll do a replacement. That will almost cover the cost of buying a new Ecosmart driver that got splashed on when the seam split.

Does seem too labor intensive to properly repair and might just give it to someone for a reptile enclosure. Would make a decent chameleon display once it's glued back.
Just wanted to follow up regarding my contact with Current USA. The customer service has been handling things well and they're sending me a new replacement tank.

Thanks for the advice and appreciate the suggestions. My sympathy goes out to anyone that has to deal with a seam failing on their tank and hope it is something that I'll never have to experience again.