SEASL Seascape Studio Store Visit - Fragging Event!


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Frag'm, Bag'm, and Take'm at the SEASL Seascape Studio Store Visit.

By now you have surely heard about and have hopefully had a chance to visit this new LFS on the southwest side of St. Louis. Now you have even more reason to stop in again. Joe and Norm have invited SEASL for a store visit, next week, December 9th, from 6 to 8 PM.

During that time, the store will be offering a 25% discount on regular priced livestock (excluding live rock) to all who attend. And, if you sign up that night for their mailing list, you will receive 25% off on your next regular priced livestock purchase before the end of the year.

In addition, SEASL will offer a fragging demonstration/workshop. Everyone will get great deals on live stock (thanks to Joe and Norm), and SEASL will provide the instruction, supplies, and live stock for you to frag leathers, zoanthids and SPS corals. You take home what you frag.

We are excited to have this opportunity to carry on our club's purpose of educating and sharing while enjoying the generous savings the store will be offering that night.

As always, everyone is welcome all the time. Also, RSVPs would be quite helpful so that the store can plan their staffing for that night and so that the club can plan for a sufficient amount of fragging materials. Just let me know if you plan to attend

Take care,

Jim Craig
SEASL Membership Chairman


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Thanks to all for the RSVPs. They are very helpful. Clearly, this is going to be well attended. As we plan the Frag'm, Bag'm & Take'm part of this event. I thought people might like to know the types of corals we will have for the workshop. The SPS are:
"¢ Blue Acropora tenuis
"¢ Orange Montipora ditigata
"¢ Crayola
"¢ Green Slimer (A. yongei)
"¢ Dusty Blue A. millipora

I'll work on a list of leathers and zoa tonight and tomorrow.

Take care,

Jim Craig


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The rest of the list looks like this....

The leathers include:
"¢ Long polyp
"¢ Toadstool
"¢ Small Sinularia
"¢ Yellow finger

The Zoas will be Eagle Eyes.

You will want to get there early. We plan to wrap it up at 8 P.M., then move a couple doors down to the coffee shop for a family friendly nightcap.

See you Wednesday!

Jim Craig
SEASL Membership Chairman


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Just a reminder. "¦.Hope to see everyone tomorrow at the SEASL Seascape Studio Store Visit.

Come early so you are sure to get a chance to participate in the Frag'm, Bag'm, and Take'm propagation workshop.

The 25% off livestock sale runs the full 2 hours.

We start at 6 P.M. and end at 8 P.M.

The store is located at:
3802 South Lindbergh, Ste 103
Sunset Hills, MO 63127
(314) 843-3636

THEN"¦"¦Don't forget, this Saturday December 13th is the club meeting.

The program will be "œLighting Your Aquarium". I've seen previews. It is good. It even covers LEDs.

As always, everyone is welcome all the time.

10:00 am until Noon

Hope Church
4200 Brown Rd
St Louis, MO 63134