Sebae and clownfish


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I bought a beautiful looking sebae from the LFS two weeks ago. Acclimate him for about 4 hours and put him in. As soon as the lights turned off my 2 black clowns started hosting him immediatley. When I would feed the fish I noticed that they wouldnt feed the anemone, but they would come to him and lay in him throughout the day. About a week ago I noticd that they were starting to get rough with him, like thrashing around while laying in his tantacles. I had never seen a clown host an anemone before so I didnt know if this was normal behavior or not. Yesterday before I did a W/C I started to see him get smaller and uninflate his tentacles. The lights were starting to shut off so I didnt think anything of it. When I did my W/C and vac'd around him I saw that his foot was literally shredded. I have no idea what happened. Could the clowns have done this?Im really frustrated. I really want an anemone but not im scared to buy another one. Anybody else seen anything like this before?

The first pic is how he looked the day after I got him in the tank, the second is how he looks right now and the third is a pic of his foot.


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