[SELL] 46 Gallon Bowfront w/ Decorative Stand


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Asking $80 obo. Everything is in good condition, just a little dusty. No equipment to go with, NOT drilled! Was setup with HOB overflow. Message or Call/Text 602-575-1378. Pictures are setup, the tank is EMPTY and NOT setup! No equipment to go with, sorry. Most of everything has been sold or I'm using it elsewhere...

Located near 51st Ave & Bell Rd.

Anyway, 46 gallon bowfront, standard sizing. Great condition, just a little dirty but nothing too difficult to clean. Mostly dusty.

Stand is a converted TV stand, it looks great actually. Set up to go in a corner or against a wall.
Decorative oriental style. Can fit a decent sump inside. Convenient shelf for food/extras.

Pictures of stand weren't clear but it's in good condition.





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Bumping for interest. Had one reply but it was awhile back and I haven't been on. :/

Anyway, feel free to call or text 6.0.2.-5.7.5.-

I ALSO have a large hex tank, though I know not many a reefer want's something classic like that.

P.S. I still have SOME rock to put with it!