Sfiligoi lights or Elos?? Which and why?


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Need to make a decision between these two, if anyone has any experience with either, please let me know your thoughts,
Thanks a bunch
Thanks loweryster, I guess that solves that!
In which case are the Sfiligois the best that are out there (in the US), from a point of view of design, spread etc?
depends on what you want to keep cost does not mean better??? btw elos lighting systems are avalable
Okay, I'm with you!
If you were a high end store, and you were only going to carry one brand of halide pendant,
which would it be?
IMO, PFO too bulky, not slick enough
same with Sunlight Supply.
AB fixtures get ruined by saltspray
The new Geisemann one looks very cool, but don't think we can get it yet.
These last two still seem to have the low spread reflectors.

My one concern with Sfiligoi is their width of 21", and also the fact that not a lot of people seem to have any experience with them.