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I have a Vertex Illumina LED light that I would like to add 3x Vertex Illumina Multicolor Aux Modules to.
The problem that I have is that I am in Australia and unable to purchase these here as we have no Vertex distributor at the moment.
I am looking for a retailer in the USA that sells this item and also will ship to Australia. I have already contacted several places that stock this item but will not ship to Australia.
Can anyone help me with the names of any retailers that sell Vertex items and also ships to Australia?

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I think you should try JL Aquatics, outside of Vancouver (Canada). They carry Vertex stuff, and they are very responsive. Ask if they would ship to you in Australia.


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My next suggestion is to go to their main website, the one in Germany and contact them. Usually if you tell a business, "hey I want to buy your product! Help me buy your product!" that will light a fire under them. Have you tried that?

I'm sure there's a way. :reading: PM me if you're not getting anywhere and I'll see if I can help,