Shrimp and Goby separation


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A couple of weeks ago I stumbled on a shrimp goby and pistol shrimp. Brought them home in the same bag. Acclimated them together.
When I released them one of my engineers grabbed the shrimp and pulled him under a rock. I hear three rapid clicks and the shrimp flies out of the hole backwards before the engineer emerges with a large white spot on his nose.
Anyway that's when we got separated.
The pistol has built his casa in the far back left corner of the tank. The goby settled under the first rock from the right end.
Roughly 7 feet.
The pistol can be heard randomly firing his claw but the goby seems quite content under his rock.

Any chances of these two re-engaging?


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Mine were bonded in the tank but separated after a rock fell near their cave. It took 2 months for them to link up again. I think yours will do the same. Good luck!


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Give him time. Bet the engineer will not be man-handling him any time soon.

Right or wrong that was some funny stuff. When the engineer popped out he really did appear to be a little disoriented and looking around like *** just happened.