Skimmer 230/3 versus 230/2


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I had been planning a 230/3 for a new set-up (following your advice earlier), but a local reefer is selling a 230/2 and I might save a few pennies.

Please could you advise me of the principal differences between the two and whether you believe these make a material difference to performance.

I enjoy saving money but don't need to economise if there's strong arguments in favour of the newer model.

Many thanks as always,

Between these two the only difference is the pump. The 230/3 has the new generation pump which runs cooler and has fewer parts that are easier to service. This pump was introduced in July of 2000. The 230/2 will have the older pump, please check it thoroughly and here is a little tip, the production date is coded on the top of the pump in an embossed stamp. It is three digits read as production series, quarter, year. I wouldn't buy anything more than say 5-6 years old. Also, a new pump costs $150 I would expect that translates to roughly 100 pounds, so make sure it is in good condition.