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Hi, right now im in the process of ordering all my equipment for a SW setup im building over the summer. It is going to be 3 tanks (a 40g long and two 30g longs) all on a central 35g sump. I was looking into getting a Tunze 230/3 for the system, which will be a mix of reef (40g) and two FOWLR (30g's). I was planing on using a mag drive 1800 or 2400 for the return from the sump. Now my question is would this setup be ok for that skimmer? I thought i read on another thread these skimmers dont do will with that much water turn over, that true? or did i miss read?
Thanks for the info
This is true, if the sump is very turbulent with a rippling water surface this will negatively impact the formation of a foam column. This is true of all skimmers but certainly the more compact units suffer more as surface changes are magnified. The skimmer would work very well for this set up but not with that much flow through the sump itself. If you could reduce th sump turbulence by increasing the sump size, using a closed loop or powerheads for flow, it would be a great choice.