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I have noticed two different "slugs" is what they look like, but i have no idea where they would have come from. I have a number of turbo snails in my tank and what these slugs look like is a turbo snail (looks like the same snout and antenna) but with out a shell. And just this morning i saw one point its mouth in the air and shoot what looked like bubbles out into the tank like 5 times then slithered away.
And before anyone asks i cant seem to ever get a decent picture of these things, but will try. I am just curious if anybody has any ideas if they are harmful or not


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Noticed the reproduction lol...since ive noticed the two big ones ive seen like 5 tiny babies runnin around


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lol I still haven't an ID on that coral. I'm not sure if its a brain because waving in the current, likes is softie.


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I was able to get a picture of mine at night, they hide during the day, I've attached a pic of mine. They are excellent grazers


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They come in many colors :)

I love them, my favorite member of the cuc.

I have seen two spawning occurences in the past 2 weeks. They point straight up and one shoots eggs and one shoots milt. The "bubbles" were probably eggs.

Duane that black one is awesome!


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wow that one is cool too! I love them because they are all so unique. Sushi has a cool orange shiny one I like, kinda bronze

My reef shop dude let me go on a stomatella hunt and I had a blast picking them from all the live rock. Took a while but I found about a dozen. Two of my favorites are a baby pink one with very light green stripes and a black one with white stripes. Those two spawned last week, wonder what will come of it


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I'm not sure the second one is a stomatella. I'd like to see different angles. I love the black one tho. I've never seen one. I had a bunch in my old tank, but my cleaner shrimp wiped them out. Now the one's I have are not as pretty as far as color goes. I see a lot of babies on the glass the last couple days.
They are my favorite snail.
Old pic.