So i went to Petco today.....


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I havent been to a petco in a while and we were at a store next to it so i ventured in. They actually made some changes from the last time, they had clean looking tanks and surprisingly some anemones and inverts that actually looked decent. I started talking to the guy a bit and eventually got on the topic of quarantining new fish that come in and if they do it. He told me they did and pointed to the tank on the end with some damsels and a yellow tang in it.

My question is this, the "quarantine tank" was looped into the system with all the rest of his tanks, i poked my head up into the hoods after he was gone and saw the water bar dumping into the next tank and the next tank and every tank down the line. Am i missing something or is it pointless to have a QT tank thats tied into every tank in the system, if u bring a fish in with ich wont every fish in the store get the parasite??


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yes it will just go down the line, thats why you will never see fish breeders who breed exotic fish like say a discus on a central system.

big time breeders of exotic fish dont ever mix any tank water from one tank to another and in some cases dont house fish from one part of the world with others.

in discus breeding there is a disease called discus aids, discus plague,discus flu, lots of names for it but the malasian fish's strain of it is almost always deadly and incurable either by meds or just the fish's natural disease fighting abilitys.

there was a discus show some years back and a week or so after the show all the worlds top breeders in the wests discus caught the plague and it wiped out thousands of fish, very few fish from the east died, weird.

they may just be watching the fish for a week or so to see if it developes any disease, kinda stupid to do it on a central though.


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so basically petco doesnt QT fish they just put them in one aquarium.
they are qt ing them, just in a stupid way.

all they are doing is waiting to see if fish get sick, they are not responsible for fish that die in a certain amount of time unless they have sold it.

so say their supplyer sends 20 clowns and they all die in supposed qt

they might be able to get a credit for the fish.

they sell 20 clowns and 20 die , they lose the cash to the supplyer and their markup back to the customer.

big chains dont care about qting fish, not at an executive level anyways.
thers no money for setting up and holding fish in seperate tanks.

even very few mom and pop stores will do that, its not economical.

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they are not responsible for fish that die in a certain amount of time unless they have sold it.

Did you just make that up? :)