Some questions about equipment


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Hey guys. I am pretty sure I Will be setting up a Reef tank in my 20 gallon. That is BASICALLY what I am limited to size-wise in my apartment. I will not have a refugium, or sump, so everything I do has to be in/on this tank.

That being said, I had bought some stuff earlier in the year for a 55G tank. I bought the CoraLife 4-tube compact flourescent, 2 actinbic, 2 10000k w/led moon-light light fixture. I also bought a 30 gallon mechanical filter(thought it would be like a real mini-sump that I could run for particulate in set-up, then use it as like a corraline place with no filter-media once the tank settled out), and bought an AquaC HOB Romera Skimmer rated for 70 gallons.

The light has been turned on and off a few times, but never installed over a running tank. The skimmer has been taken out of the box, but never run. I know the light won't work because it has a 48" base, and my 20 tall has a 24" base. I would be looking for a home for my old light fixture, to get a new one. Was thining of going for the same fixture in a 24" size. If trying to do an anemone, maybe clown, possible 2 cardinals, some sponges, coral, is this a good choice, or am I really looking at a halyde? Also, will this AquaC skimmer be alright, or would it be too large? I searched a bit, but the general idea is that you CAN over-skim, however it will have very little ill-effects. This is also referring to in-tank skimmers for sumps. Does this hold true for HOB models? Does this hold true for their spray type skimmer? Or just with the venturi type?

Any comments and criticisms appreciated.