sooper fine hair algae on LR


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the last coupla of days ive noticed a lot of very fine almost clear hair algae on the LR in my 75g system. any ideas what this is ? and the cause ? todays theres also green hair on the sand. could this be due to overfeeding ? as recently ive been feeding frozen food 2 times a day as my Bangai Cardinals wont eat flake :mad:

ive done 1 waterchange yesterday. doing another now



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This could be caused by so many things. Frozen food "could" be the cause. The best way I found to feed frozen and avoid pollution is to thaw the food in a sm container with tank water. After thawed, dump the container into another that has a fine net over it. Feed the tank the stuff in the net and toss the dirty water.

What's you water parameters?

Hair algae is also pretty normal for new aging tanks so don't get discouraged...more importantly...don't do anything extreme. Take your time with this problem.

PM me if you want me to walk you through several things to chack and possible solutions to each.


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tank params are as follows :

temp : 26.8*c
ph: 8.2
alk/kh : 3.66/10.2
amonia : 00ppm
nitrites: 00ppm
nitrates 00ppm
calcium 440ppm

i dont have a phosphates test kit :S ? never seen one
im dosing salifert coral feed every night ( 5ml )
tanks been up around 3 months now i spose .

stock is :

2 cleaner shrimp
16 red legged hermits
6 blue/green chromis
1 yellow corris wrasse
2 bangai cardinal

running a V2 skimmer that pulls a cup of skimmate every 2-3 days.