source for tiny farmed clams


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I am looking for someplace to purchase some dozens of tiny to small, no bigger than 1" Derasa, crocea, maxima and squamosa.
If anybody knows, please share this w/ me. i definitely want them farmed or captive raised.
There are plenty of sources available. Have you checked with the Reef Central sponsors? How about searching this or the vendor forums for suggestions?
Please Check RC Sponsors

Please Check RC Sponsors

Greetings.... I have this knawing little voice in my head (too much acid in the 70's) telling me to ask you to look at the RC sponsors who can probably take very good care of you.......since I am commercially involved in the reef industry and NOT a paying sponsor (yet) on RC, I can say this and get away with it....I think. I am quite sure I will be corrected if I am wrong (not unusual) and the corrections made by our gracious moderators are ALWAYS very well taken:) No flames, no hassles, no conflicts....just good reef keeping by the very best in the world (of course!!!!!!!!!!!!!):bounce3: