Sps frag sale


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Up for grabs are some nice Sps
For sale. Mother and close up frag and colony pics upon request. Everything is healthy and pest free.

Tck wildcard 1"+ $130

Vivid confetti 1 1/2" $120, 1" $90

Jf homewrecker 1" $150

MC prom queen 1 1/2 + $350

Acid trip milli 1" $60

Tck kaleidoscope multi branch 1" $60 2 available.

Loko supremo (old school) 3/4 $70 1" $100.

Sc orange passion (chunky) 1" +$80

Asd rainbow milli $60

Vivid Orange Julius milli $60 1"

Cherry bomb 1" $70

Big R WD 1" $80

Blue matrix $40

Mini colony pink Cadillac $50

Mini colony mike 123 purple rain. $80

Oregon tort 1" $60

Tierra del Fuego 1" $50.

Can make frag packs as well.

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Vivid orange Julius colony

Loko supremo.

Tck kaleidoscope

Pink Cadillac frag for sale.

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I have seen these in person. You won't regret making a trip. I will be worth your time.


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Everything in his wall to wall SPS dominated reef is amazingly colorful, and just the prom queen is chunky is worthy of your time. I have been there 3x and not only came away from frags but knowledge that Marco selflessly bestowed.


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Thank you for the kind words
Spencer, hope you enjoy your new additions.

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