stalled...don't know what to do.


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it's been 2 weeks since i accidently dumped an almost full small container of spectrum pellet food into my month and a half old tank. prior to this, the tank was cycled and had steadied out to 2.5 no3. amm was 0 , no2 0. everything was good. blenny was settling in comfortably.

then, the crisis...then began the wc's. first wc with good sw, about 5g. next day i went to a local lfs and bought premixed sw. at that point amm was still 0, but i was expecting some kind of spike from all the food i still hadn't gotten out. lfs said do 10g wc and siphon as much food out of the sb as possible. shallow sb, about 1". so i did. by that eve i could tell the blenny was not well, so i tested...amm was .25. added amquel. over next 2 days amm continued to rise and no2 began to rise. did another 10g wc. amm went up to .50. no2 also continued to rise. kept dosing amquel. after 6 days, no changes i tested the lfs sw and found amm was .5.

so, i drove the hour on my next day off to my trusted lfs and bought new sw.
she suggested, rather than another wc, i added another 6 lbs fully cured lr. brought it home completely immersed in water to prevent die off. she also recommended dosing with stability to jump start bacterial growth. it's been 2 days and amm has stalled at .25, no2 at .5, and n03 almost 0. same readings for 2 days. still dosing amquel and am at a loss as to what to do at this point.

thankfully the blenny is still doing well. color is good and is eating algae. really getting fat.

any ideas?


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My son recently poured an entire bottle of food into our 20G reef tank. By the time I got home, within hours, the water was milky white and opaque to the pont that visibility was ~2". I hit the LFS, did an 18 gallon water change, basically a full turnover. Everything survived.

Just do water changes every-other day for a few days.

Good luck.


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it seems this has also caused a full bloom of pods and hydroids. hundreds maybe thousands, of pods on my glass...and several tiny hydroids as well. also finding amphipods on one of my lr. these pods are supposed to be a sign of a healthy tank. things are definitely askew in my little reef world!