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its HDPE plastic, that was originally designed for cutting boards, used in commercial kitchens. then into everyday kithens and now reef tanks. :)
it main purpose is for BB tanks to hold rocks in place and create a beneficial bacteria layer without the use of sand that can collect detritus. it can keep it in the flow to be filtered out for denitrification in a sump.
thats not the greatest description but my understanding of it:thumbsup:

OH! its suposed to give a better look to the ID footprint. but ive also heard it host/grows coralline like crazy.

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It definitely has a higher coefficient of friction than smooth glass. It's pretty much sand without all of the headaches that may sometimes be associated with it. Unfortunately, it doesn't look quite as nice as sand.

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Another benefit, as I understand it, is that a large piece of rock may accidentally tumble to the bottom. The starboard will help prevent a resultant stress fracture.


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you can get it locally at Port plastics in Portland. Thats where i got mine. I actually use a 3/4" thick piece, then i drill 1/2" holes in it to hold my acrylic rods with teeth in them that grip the rockpi9le like glue. I drill the holes 1/2" deep into the 3/4" hdpe, the rods sit flush and can get a clean sweep of the floor. Never have to siphon anything.

I also stagger the rods pretty tall(like 8") in places so it makes a hollow reef, makiong even less flow restriction. I figure if I cant see the rock, i dont want it there, it just gets in the way.

I at first didnt like the starboard, but as soon as it gets covered in coralline it kind of grew on me and i like it now.