Still looking for a mantis

Uhhh.....Do a search on "Petswarehouse" ensuring that you include the "s" at the end of pet. Thats all I'm gonna say...
Unamed online fish store

Unamed online fish store

I won't repeat the name for fear of a lawsuit (we are being really dramatic here) but I also saw the listed price of $5.00, called to ask them if it was in stock. They said yes but the price was actually $40.00 and they would fix the price on the web. That was 4 months ago and I have since purchased a mantis I had my LFS order for me. Set me back $14.99 for a 4.5" (now almost 5" if my measurements are correct) O. Scyllarus. Some LFS may not want to order them or if you want a plain florida/carribean/gulf variety some stores will give you one from a live rock shipment if you let them know ahead of time.