Still looking for spearer.

Does anyone have a spearer available?Preferably P. ciliata.I can trade,some tanks or maybe I'll get some money.I'm a kid.I have two smashers already,and cannot get a hold of a spearer.LFS wants a L. maculata for $90!:eek1: Sheesh.
Wow wait a second thats the coolest mantis ever in that pic. Is that yours where did u get it from and what species is it?

As far as spearers i am doing the same exact thing you are doing looking for one but can not find one. At least you found some at your fish store, my fish store cant remember the last time they got a mantis shrimp so will probally never get one. My best bet is to try to get one from one of u guys because i checked everywhere but never could find a spearer. If i where you i would get one of them at your fish store i know thats alot for one but at least you found somewhere where there is one. Mabe you could talk them into giveing it to you at a lower cost since noone else will buy it.
well,that would have to be a special order so they rarely have those.Plus if it's a special order they would only get it for me sooo...I would have to buy it.:(The mantis in my sig is a Hemisquilla a forum search you'll find some info on it.Biggest smasher at 12".Needs a chiller.I would have one but I can't afford a chiller.
I dont have one of those cameras for my computer so i cant really get pictures of mine. I have an Odontodactylus scyllarus about 5 inches. Mine looks mostly like any other O. scyllarus. Nothing special but once when i took the hood of the tank it jumped from under the water to about 3 feet up them landed in a small bucket. i never knew mantis shrimps could do that. what do you guys use to get pictures of yours? How mutch do they cost?