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brand new 180, stock will not be added all at ones.

Porch Puffer
Yellow Tang
Blue Tang
some kind of EEL
Humu Picasso trigger

clown triggeradded last and to be the smallest fish in the tank

please suggest more fish if you think they all fit


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Clown trigger will eventually murder everything else except maybe the moray. They get big and once they have the size to take something on, they do it. Consider a different trigger.

As far as active eels go, for a 180 I think a Muraena melanotis is probably the best bet if you can find one. A Brazilian Dragon (Muraena pavonina) or Hawaiian Whitemouth (Gymnothorax meleagris) are also good additions. Do NOT get more than one specimen from those 3 though - they have similar spot patterns and will fight. All of these species should get to about 3' or so and stay active.

Goldentail (G. miliaris) is a great fish but they are fairly shy and might cower with those tankmates. I wouldn't say "no" though.

The Hawaiian/Japanese Dragons (Enchelycore pardalis) are probably even worse of an idea - they're not quite as hardy and if they're picked on at all, are likely to retreat into the rock and stop eating.

I would avoid anything with a max size over 4' (e.g., G. undulatus, any of the various greens or tesselatas) or a particularly nasty disposition (e.g. the various yellow-heads, G. moringa) for the safety of the tankmates, themselves, and you. The big ones will eat everything and can knock pretty much any lid off that you can lift. The mean ones (G. undulatus is both, btw) will harass the other fish until they kill them or are killed in retaliation, and will likely also try to bite you if you are working in the tank.
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