Stocking List for a 250


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I am probably going to break down and just buy one of these new Marineland Monterry starfire 250's (60x36x27)" on promotion special from our LFS's vendor when they are released in another two weeks.

I am begining the plans now. I have a scaled sketchup design laid out, and an excel spread sheet with all the components and costs, and projected annual expenses laid out.

Here is what I'm thinking for a stocking list, (some of these fish I already have);

-8x blu/grn chromis
-5x bartlett anthias
-2x yellow tangs
-1x gold rim tang (acanthurus japones)
-1x rainbow wrasse (halochores melenarus)
-1x leopard wrasse
-1x starry blenny
-1x unspecified goby, probably a tunneler or sifter type.

That comes out to about 80" of fish, if you think about it that way. But I think if I employ a Reeflo ORCA and run ozone on the tank, that will take care of all the nutrient loading. I think the behavioral compatibility is good with that list.

what do ya think?


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sounds good. is this going to be a reef tank or fowlr? i think that your tank sounds like a good "get along" tank, and those fish will be happy with that number of fish in that size tank. they will have plenty of room and grow large. so what is the special, how much are you going to get this tank for? if you dont mind me asking?


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I have 11 chromis in my 220 and i am thinking of adding a few more. I think you could get away with more. The schooling effect is hard to accomplish though unless you have a large fish to keep them in a tight ball. Mine schooled for the first week or so until they got comfortable. They do however school now because i have a large naso tang that seems to enjoy chasing the stragglers back into the pack. If you aquascape the tank with an open layout and provide a good skimmer you could also get away with adding more fish... There are many TOTMs out there around 250 that have double your fish list. Good luck and don't forget the pictures!!!


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I actually don't know about the pricing information yet, I have a ball park idea, but I also know that if I buy it on promo I can get it for 30-35% off the normal price. (and that's 30-35 off wholesale). So I think I can probably swing it for around 1500-2000. We'll see.


That's the only image I've got so far, but you can imagine.

This thing is going to take me a while to conjure up the cash for the equipment. But it will include;

-3x Lumenarch 400watt MH
-2x VHO actinics (for color)
-MRC CR2 calcium reactor
-MRC Nilsen reactor
-Reeflo ORCA 200-250
-1/2hp Pacific Coast Chiller
-33BR refugium
-Red Sea Ozonier 200mg/hr
-Dolphin 32/27 Amp Master Return
-Dolphin 32/27 Amp Master on OM squirt 2way
-Dolphin 56/47 Amp Master on OM 4way

I'm staring down the throat of a $13,000 beast, but I'm ready and willing to take it there!