Stomatella look-a-like?


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Anyone know if there is a snail that looks just like a stomatella snail,only is preditory on SPS's?I have an acro that keeps losing tissue in spots and the only culprit I can find,is these snails.A Gal in Our reef club had the same snail,only it was causing another coral to do the same as Mine.
Any help will be greatly appreciated


Team RC
Well, "looks just like a Stomatella" is kind of relative. How much does it look like a Stomatella? There are some coral-eating snails, but none of them look all that much like a Stomatella...except the foot, of course, and most snails look alike from the bottom. Try to get a pic of it. If you catch it eating your acro's, take it out and photograph it in a dish, if possible.