Streams for my 72 Bow


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My dealer friend at Goochs Corals, Green Bay, WI suggested I contact you regarding a recommendation for my 72 Gal. Bow SPS and Clam tank so here I am. He is a big fan of Tunze and after seeing the streams in action, I would tend to agree. Currently, I am using a Sen 900 connected to a Sea Swirl using the fan attachment at the output and am not happy with its performance. I see neither the flow nor the coverage to effectively stimulate my SPS into good growth. I just installed 2-250 10K MH and 2-110 VHO Actinics to my tank so I want to maximize what I have already. According to Sen, at a 4' head I should be pushing 800 gal./hour out the SeaSwirl but I don't see it and so I am now considering adding a Tunze stream to my tank.

Since I do have clams, I probably do not want the water flow to harsh on the bottom of my tank but, do want good flow up top where the SPS are. What would you recommend for pump(s), controller, if necessary, and placement of the units?
I haven't seen the new, smaller stream, but I'd be hesitant to add a 6100 to a 72gal tank. I have one 6100 in my 7' 205 gal and it is pretty overwhelming for the lps and soft corals on the bottom of the tank. It also kicks up a moderate bit of the sandbed. For these reasons I only run it 6 hours per day.
pmrogers- your input is appreciated. I would use either a 7410 or a 6010. The 7410 is an electronic pulsing powerhead with a flow rate between 300-1050gph. The outlet is 1" and the pulsing broadens the flow as the waves collide. The 6010 is a small stream 2" outlet with a maximum flow of 1850gph and a minimum of about 700gph. It is also electronic and pulses. Both pumps include a single controller to provide pulsing. Next week I will have both in stock. I think Gooch has a 7400 on display. The small streams just started to come in last week and he has a couple on order I get 20 more next week and will see to it he gets a couple, I had too many back orders and I usually only receive 5-20 of a given pump model every couple weeks so it takes a while to get them out to everybody.
I have a 7400 and 7300 on the sps tank with an ampmaster 3000 tied into another 125 that houses anemone's. So I figure I have about 3000 gallons an hour in flow to that 125 gallon aquarium. Everything just looks better with the increased flow. I can't wait to see the streams in action. Thanks for your help Roger. I figure you know this stuff better than I do.

AH YES Please let me know where and when I could purchase the 6010 powerhead I have a 75 gallon similarly and was worried about too much flow....I like the softies mostly.
They are starting to come in, some went out last week and more will go out this week. I don't have a dealer in your area and I expect we will be behind demand for at least the next 3 months. I would preorder and expect delivery within 3-4 weeks. We have three online dealers- Marine Depot, Premium Aquatics and Champion Lighting- all three are RC sponsors.
Roger, I went to the Tunze website and looked for the Stream 6010 that you recommended to me and could not find it. I would like to look at it further. Would you please attach the link to it?:D
It is not on the site, it is identical to the 6110 with the exception of using a 12V 15W transformer instead of the 22V 45W transformer. It has a flow rate between 600 and 1850gph. We are a bit behind on the website and our new catalogue is not out yet. We are focused on increasing production and developing a whole range of new products right now. The new catalogue will be out in May-June.
Rvitko, am I to understand that all the stream pumps have transformers and convert 120AC to 12-22V DC? That would be another plus for this type of pump. No electrocution from an open circuit!
12-22V AC. This part of the secret of very intricate control- safety is a nice byproduct but even our full voltage pumps offer an extreme level of safety as internally their is a full ground shield around the coil and I would almost consider it impossible to have anelectrocution unless the cable was damaged.