streams on multicontroller


In Memoriam
I wanted to know if i could run 2 differnt model streams off of a multicontroller.

Also do you think a 6100 and a 6000 would be too much for a standard 90 Gallon tank? am i going to have sandstorms or sand blown away from the glass?

Its going to be a mixed reef with mostly SPS.
I think that 2 6000's is the best for a 90- a 6100 is a bit much. You can run any combination of 6000,6100, 7200, 7300, 7400 and when available the 6200 and with adapaters 2002 and 4002 from a multicontroller.
Trust me, you'll only want 6000's on a multicontroller.

I had two 6100's on a 90g tank and it was too much even when each powerhead was at 30% power. I now have two 6000's and am very happy.