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Roger, today is the first cleaning of my stream. I just realized how awkward it is to get all the cords out while connected to the driver. I would think making the cord from the pump removeable from the driver would ease the cleaning chore. I did use the mounting holes for the driver and mounted it to the wall. I had to unscrew all this to be able to take the pump to the kitchen :)

Is there a reason this can't be done? Or...if you use a 50 foot cord, I can just leave it attached and still get it to the sink for cleaning!!

Hi Brad,
The cord from the pump is removable from the driver. Just take of the blue cover from the driver,and the lead from the pump just unclips.
I usually dont disconnect my pump to clean it. The cord is 3m long and provides ample room for maneuvering. I place a bucket on the floor next to the tank and dip and clean it there.
The reason is simple- water could drip down the cord and fry the driver. We have a lot of experience with saltwater ruining connections and this was the safest possible connection method. I would follow hachomochato's advise and just use a bucket of vinegar and warm water mixed 50/50 near the tank- this is what I do. The cord is as long as possible after 5m a signal amplifier is required in former times we had such an option and it was problematic.
Thanks Roger. My driver is above the tank, so water dripping isn't likely! I suppose installing my own quick disconnects is bad for warranty, right? ;)
It does void the warranty. I have seen people do this and will judt say DIN connectors aren't very good for this application so perhaps a Molex or serial connector. You don't want to lengthen the cables either.