Sump/Fuge Mechanical Filtration


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I am about to convert a 55g tank into a sump/refugium. Does anyone have any comment about the necessity or lack there of for using any mechanical filtration like filter cloth/floss.

I am (as many posts reccommend) ridding my system of my wet/dry sump. It makes sense to me that you would need filter material to keep the bio-balls from getting clogged, but since my new sump/fuge won't have any, I'd like to do without mechanical filtration


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Be prepared to have a way to vaccuum your sump as all deutritus will collect in there.

I dont use any mechanical filtration on my 30 gallon and I take the sump off-line every few months and clean it out real good.


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I also do not use mechanical filtration on reef tanks. I want to give the corals the chance to capture the stuff floating around to eat.



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I wouldn't worry about any mechanical media unless a specific reason pops up.

Personally, I'll throw on a HOB filter stuffed with polyester batting material if the tank is cloudy from sand or something.

You will need to vacuum out the sump once in a while though. You can actually use a Magnum HOT filter for that, I believe they come with/sell the kit to use it as a vacuum. No need to worry about having a crappy siphon with that :)


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I like my sump to be clean. I use 100 micron filter socks on the drains.