Sump/Refugium Size???


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Need some advice on sump/refugium size for a 72g bowfront tank. I recently purchased a PRO Refugium from Ebay (24"L x 12"W x 14"H) and by the looks of it, it might be too small.

I am planning to fit a skimmer in there, a refugium in the middle and an external pump.
It advertises that it is rated for up to 150 gallon system, 400-500 GPH water flow rate recommended.
Never done this before so any advice would be helpful and appreciated.
i've had a 72 bowfront and i know that it would just barely fit into the stand so that sump would be perfect don't see you going any bigger maybe longer but your at your limit with the width..
Yeah, the width down there is 14" so I am pretty much at my max but I think I could've gone a little bigger length wise. I just always hear people saying that bigger is better when it comes to sumps and I just hope I'll be able to fit my skimmer in there and still have room for a refugium. I haven't been able to find a sump/refugium with that same width but just longer.
did it come with the bulk head fittings are just holes drilled out. im looking at buying that also so i can expand my sump.
Yeah it came with the bulkhead fittings also. It's going to be a project because you have to glue the acrylic together yourself but if you think about it, the price isn't that bad because acrylic is not cheap. A friend of mines bought this same one and he says it works great but he ran out of glue and it was real hard to find that type of glue.
You can't get it at Home Depot or Lowes, so I suggest probably ordering an extra container from them for $5 more.
I have 90 gal BF RR. The stand is exactly the same as yours. I use 29 gal glass tank (30"L x 14"W x 18") as sump/refugium. I add arcylic baffles for partitions. I can share pictures if you are interested.

Since you already purchase it, you can glue the baffle in the position inorder to fit in your skimmer. I have Coralife super skimmer hung on the side of the sump. The refugium and return area are maximized about 10 gal and 9 gal each.

There is no bubble trap in your sump. You may have bubble problem later on.

I think you can get glue in your local plastic shop. There are lots of people in DIY forum familiar with it.