Switching from glass top to eggcrate


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I'm going to make the switch from glass to eggcrate on my 65g tank. There are four Maxi-Jet PHs and two PC fixtures on the tank and our apartment is very warm. There are three other tanks in the apartment that run cooler but the 65g has been getting over 85F during the afternoons. At this point nothing shows signs of stress I know it's only a matter of time. I'm hoping that removing the glass top and adding a fan will cool things down, but there are gobies and a wrasse in the tank as well as cats in the house, so a completely open top isn't an option.
We're going to Home Depot tomorrow to purchase some eggcrate, I just wanted to ask a few quick questions beforehand.

1) We call it eggcrate, but what should I ask for at HD? I know they call it something else.

2) What's the best cutting tool to use so I can cut it to size? I'm happy to buy something at HD at the same time but not sure what will work best.

Thanks :)
you can use pliers to put to size, wire snips, my jig saw worked fantastic for the long sides.

Just go to the ceiling dept.not lighting dept. they'll know it as eggcrate.
at least at my local one they do.