T. Maxima


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I just purchased a Maxima clam 3 days ago.I have a 210 reef tank with three 150 HQI and4 96 watt actinics. I was told to place the clam about half up in the tank. I placed it 20" below the metal halide lights and I'm noticing that the clam is wide open but the color is light brown instead of blue. The clam kept moving itself off the rock and down into the sand bed. The clam seemed to get a bit bluer than before so I put the clam on a flat rock on the sand bed 30" below the lights. Today was the first day of being on the bottom and thereis still some brown on the edges of the mantle. If there is any advice on were to place this clam I'd appreciate the help


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has he attached to the rock??

i would wait until he attached then move him back up. his colour will change ( or at least what perceive ) with viewing angle and light intensity / spectrum.

your tank is SPS?? was he in a lot of flow??

what K are your lights??

also post a pic or two if you can, one from the side and one from the top down, please :)