T5's vs MH


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Hey guys/girls. I've been getting things ready for my future 37g reef tank. I'm almost there on having everything just some minor things I need as well as some big things. I had a thread up awhile ago asking almost the same question I will be asking now, but I've been getting confused on the answers I received. I was told info that I would have to go with a certain item if I want what I wanted but yet I saw other people using what I wanted at first that people avoided me on getting. Not saying I don't trust there opinons, just I am SO confused now.

But I will be having a miss reef tank. Planing on holding atleast 1 clam, and numerious corals. ( not exactly sure on what kinds yet, I like some sps and soft and all, I just want it colorful! ) Now the lighting is what is delaying my problem. Which doesn't bother me cause I'll wait as long as possibly to make sure my tank will be as perfect as I want it to be.

Because of my demensions on my tank if I got a light system it will be hanging over the side which I wasn't really planing but I guess if I have to I will deal with it.

So the question is what light system should I get with the info I gave you...MH or T5's? What are the pros and cons on each one?
What would you perfer?

Sorry on all the writing, I hope someone reads this atleast to be able to help me.

Thank you all



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Either would workd but I like metal halides best. Good coral growth. Nice ripple effect from the water. Best light IMO for SPS. Overall I prefer metal halide.


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I've had both, and while you can get better light spectrum combos with T5's, I like MH better, you can't beat the shimmer MH delivers IMO.