Tank flood, good save. Redundancy is great!


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Came home to find the loclines spitting out little bubbles. Opened the doors of the cabinet, and sump was completely dry. Hmmmmm...... Then I noticed the reflection of the Return pump on the stand! Argghhhh. The skimmer was wet skimming (outlet was clogged or something) and it had wet skimmed about 4 gallons of water out into the tank stand.

Whew! The stand held up. I built it out of 3/4" Plywood and made a solid floor and a 6" rear riser (front is 8") and then sealed the whole thing with 3 tubes of silicone and Latex painted it 5 times for an unanticipated event such as this. Redundancy? Heck yeah, especially when you live upstairs in a condo!

Another reason why I don't have an auto-topoff. That would have been disastrous. My sump only holds 20 gallons, and the "waterproof" stand holds about 15 more, after that, it's beatup the neighbor time!

Also, all my electrical wires are up and above within the stand, no dangling wires or surge protectors on the stand floor! That would have been a catastrophe. The return pump was elevated NOT because of a flood, but to equal the height of the hole I drilled on the 20 gallon sump. I drilled the hole too high :D

Luck was on my side. whew.





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Luckily your pump didn't get soaked, you would have just had more problems.

Good luck cleaning that all up.