tank has to be put on hold


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I am so sad. I have working so hard on getting my first tank perfect. Bought thenbest equipment, made alot of mistakes butntook the time to correct them in the right way. Had to go through 3 cycles becauce of mistakes and so on. Now my take is at the end of cycle was going to be able to put cleaning crew in it today YEAH been waithing almost 3 months Woke up this morning and my whole downstairs was flooded due to my sewer pipe outside broke and all the water came up and OUT of my toliet. I think I am going to cry. Have to take all of my fish budget to fix sewer. That sinks pon intended lol Will my tank be ok with just live rock and live sand for a while? Do I have to run the lights as much? How long to run them? Thanks


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Tank will be fine with just LR and sand. If you want the coralline to grow, keep the lights on for 4-6 hours minimum. If you are going to do that, you should have at least a small clean up crew. Just buy a few snails and a crab or two and see if you have much algae. Could add a few more as needed and that won't cost much. To keep your spirits up, just buy a couple of green chromis ($4 a piece) that way you at least can enjoy your tank a bit while you get your other problems straightened out. Good luck and sorry to hear about your crappy situation (pun intended!)


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That stinks! Sorry for the bad pun and headache you are going through. Don't worry, the tank will be fine. Might actually be of some benefit letting the tank go through it's natural algae cycles until you can get a cleanup crew in there. Good luck!