Tank of the Month - August 2002


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This month we are featuring Kedd Lyttonsmith's (kedd) awesome 180 gallon reef:

More details can be found here or by clicking on the picture above.

Congratulations, Kedd!
Well done , very nice layout of your profile also.
I agree with you on the enjoyment of watching them grow .
Congrats on a tank well done !!!!!!
Did that BEAUTIFUL teal/green acro on the very top left actually start out as a brown colony (I see it in before pics)?? That sps is amazing!!!!! Your tank is very beautiful!
How is the seahorse doing? I want one for my 75 gallon reef but would be afraid....

Great Tank Though!!! :D
Rock Anemone
Just a thought.

Isn't that tank a little densely populated?

I count about 40 different corals in what looks to be a 3' area.

Let the flaming begin.
Yary- I only count 38? ;)

Rules for coral density aren't the same as fish; as long as you are willing to do the upkeep, i.e. seperation pruning, they don't contribute much to the system bioload.
Thanks for the kind words.
The tank gives the family lots of enjoyment, and is much better than watching TV.

Rock anemone the large tank my not be the ideal for a seahorse, but it was not eating at the lfs, they ordered captive breed and received wild, so I took it home.
The sea horse started eating a week after being introduced and does very well.

Yaryman, it is very densely populated now and I am constantly fraging things to give them room. About half of the corals started as small frags and had plenty of room. Looking back I could have used more space between them, but too late now.
As Playfair said they seem to do fine as long as you stay on top of things.

Hi Mia1974,
That millepora didn't start as brown, but it wasn't as green as it is now.
It was a light green.


Congratulations! Absolutely stunning tank!

Have you had any problems with jumpers, especially the wrasses?

A seahorse and a Harlequin shrimp ? I thought they were both no - nos for a reef . Now my mind is really going .

How often do you have to put in new starfish for the harlequin ?

I feed the harlequin a starfish about every 3 weeks.
I have had him it about 9 months.
I got it to eat the small parasitic starfish that I had.
The harlequin finished them off it about 2 months.
Ninong said:

Congratulations! Absolutely stunning tank!

Have you had any problems with jumpers, especially the wrasses?



Besides my question about jumpers, I was wondering what your experience has been in controlling spilled light from your suspended fixture? I see that you have what appears to be about a 3 - 4 inch trim around the top of the tank. Does that help much?


Absolutely gorgeous!

Absolutely gorgeous!

A VERY nice variety! Well deserved for tank of the month. Congratulations :)