tank raised black clown and anemone


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I have had one black ocellaris clown for about 6 months (pictured below) and just got another one about 2 months ago to try to complete the pair. I also added a green bubble tip anemone about a month ago and they hadn't touched it for weeks. I had assumed, because they were tank raised, that they would just never quite catch on. Then, about a week ago they started rubbing around in it and some green frogspawn I have. Last night, they were going absolutely nuts in the anemone. I took about 30 pictures and most came out really blurry because the fish were moving around so much, but I just had to share this one...



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Great story. The image is not showing up however. Copy/paste on the link to the address bar does work, which makes me think your hosting site is blocking the link.


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Ahhh. It's eating your fish;). Good to see they finally came around. When Shakes got her firts anemone about seven years ago, she took about three hours to circle in close enough to touch it, then she dove in and wouldn't leave:).