teardrop maxima - other color


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does anyone know where to get other color teardrop maxima?
all of the ones in the internet stores are just brown teardrop

anyone know where to get it and how much it will cost ?

thanks a bunch

fish for life
fish for life-

Here's my latest teardrop, about 6" shades of blue, purchased from
RC'er "Marino".... Anthony at Aquadesignz.com may have similiar or
nicer! About $200..... Dennis (fish2223)
Posted teardrop has been in my tank only a few days, but it was in
quarantine for about 2 months.
try Tongs in fountain valley off the Magnolia exit from 405. Tong usually has several to choose from ranging from 300-400$ US
Good Luck.
crappy pics of the golden teardrop I got from Fridmani:



and through the top

I have heard many good things about Tongs...do they ave a website? so others of us here in the GREAT freeze can order from them?
There are lots of on-line places that have teardrops in stock
constantly. i.e. ecorals, clamsdirect and aquaprop. If you
want to contact "fridmani" (in the Los Angeles area) "...his
email is: fridmani7@hotmail.com........Dennis (fish2223)
Thanks for that.
I keep looking at the online places, it just seems that lately all the Tear Drops became Gold, the Blue-Green colors became more rare.
I'm also looking for a Blue Squomosa.
I'm coming to buy these two on January .
That's what I was shouting in front of the puter, but Mantisshrimps said it already.

That's a normal Crocea, a nice one.

I had one of those a year back that died when I was abroad.
In Hong Kong you can find them easily, cheap and coming from vietnam.
A price of an Ultra Crocea, with much more color than what shows in the pic, around 4.5"-5", which is biggie for what they sell Coceas will be around 50-55 bucks.

I'm still looking for a Blue-Green Tear Drop, and a Blue Squomosa.
as speaking with a Singapore supplier the other day and he said best place for those is Japan, but it's not in my way.
I'm sure I can get it in America.