Thanks Vance (Shark Keeper)


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I had unplugged my Hammer Head pump. When i went to turn it back on nothing other than a hum. I figured something had lodged in the impeller. Vance reminded me that there was a access on the back of the pump to use a screwdriver to give things a spin and loosen the snail crab or whatever. I didn't think mine had that but dreading taking everything apart I checked it's not easy for me to get to the back of the pump but much easier than taking everything apart not even knowing if that indeed was the problem.

Long story short after breaking my arm in 3 places to get back there found the access hole, gave it a spin and viola the pump is back in action.

Thanks Vance!!


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Mark: I just had that same thing happen to a pan world pump that I haven't cleaned in about a year. Wouldn't start so I pulled it off and the calcium had built up and the pump didn't have enough guts to start again.
I would suggest clean the pump at YOUR convinence and not at 11:30PM as I had to do.


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If all goes well it will be swapped out on tuesday by an reef flo Orca as I redo some of my plumbing. I'm curious to see if it is calcium or just a stray shell though. I was glad i didn't have to mess with it tonight for sure though.